Friday Night Mixed Doubles “FUN” League
KCCTA runs this newly formed league that enters 2011 with 37 different teams having participated.  There is NO COST to participate and no obligation to show up.  Play every week or play once a month; it is your choice but a competitive match will be available to you.  The 2011 winter-spring league begins February 18 and runs through April 29th (10 weeks).  Play is competitive but mainly for FUN; so leave the intensity and disputed line calls at the door.  
The Format:
  • Play starts at 7 PM and you MUST be signed up very close to 6:45 to have your team checked off and pairings made.  If you are late you are not guaranteed participation.
  • Each participating "team" receives a "power" rating which is carried over for all who played last year and is updated each week.  New teams will be slotted in as per the judgment of Randy Mattingley.  The highest rated mixed team receives a score of 100 (power rating) and each successive team receiving one point less...99, 98, etc.  The top two teams play each other, then the next two, etc.  Each match is two sets with a 10 point tiebreaker.  At the end of the night the winning team receives 1.5 points if it wins in straight sets and 1 point if it wins in a tie breaker….the losing team received minus 1.5 points or minus 1 point.  The next week the power rating is adjusted and the process is repeated.
  • Teams will not play the same teams in two consecutive weeks, so if the “power ratings” match up the same two teams, an adjustment will be made.
  • For single players, that is those without a partner, who would like to play, you need to contact the tennis shop; hopefully by day’s end on Thursday and an “attempt” to match you up will be made.
  • A second option is to just show up BY 6:45 and see if you can get paired up then.  In this case we CANNOT guarantee that you will have a match and therefore may not get to play.
  • The existing “format” statistically results in a single unmatched team every other week.  To address this, our current solution is to maintain for each week a list of names of individuals or a couple who are “available” on Friday Nights “if needed”…NOTE the call to ask for their participation will most likely be made about 6:50 PM and they would need to be ready to play by say 7:10 PM.  
  • Please bring one can of tennis balls.
Be prepared to relax and socialize after the tennis is complete