Players should check in with the tournament desk at your playing site at least 15 minutes prior to your scheduled match time.  The USTA default and point penalty system will be in effect.  They will be strictly enforcing the point penalty system throughout the event due to time limitations on the indoor courts.

There is a rule change on RATINGS beginning 2016.

Players may play by their January or July 2015 rating.

They have always used the mid-year rating, but now if a player has move up in June, they can still play there January rating.

However, these rules still apply:  Players playing out of level will have all matches played reversed to a 0-16 loss for his/her team.   Players may be added to rosters anytime throughout the tournament by paying the $45 fee on this site. Players must play at least one round robin match to play in the semis or finals.
Below are the schedule, rules of play, and entry form.
All entries must be posted before Monday, January 11.

Entry Form

2016 Schedule


Site Directions